Trowel On Application
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Diamond Paints Construction Project

Diamond 503 Acrylic Trowel on is a heavy bodied coating for exterior and interior application which provides ample protection against mould, fungus, weathering and mildew. One coat is all that is needed to improve the look and resilience of areas covered.

Trowel on comes in different grades from fine to course textured and can be tinted to achieve any colour imaginable. Prices for trowel-on may vary dependent on the depth of colour and texture required. Trowel on products are sold per 5 gallon bucket and should be used within a few months of purchase to ensure the best results possible.

Our trowel on is made to order and is typically ready for delivery within 3-5 working days. To ensure consistently superior coverage our trowel-on product is manufactured with the utmost care using the finest local and international aggregates available. Application surfaces will not need to be retouched for a minimum of 6 years and may last without colour fade for as much as ten years.

Recommended Uses

Trowel-on may be used on concrete, fair faces, block walls, rendered surfaces, plywood and wall paper, asbestos sheets and plaster boards. It may be used on interior or exterior surfaces and will protect areas coated from the elements.

How to Apply Trowel On

Trowel on is ideally applied with a painter's trowel. Surfaces must be free of dirt and debris to ensure even distribution and better results. If surfaces are badly tarnished by cracks consider using our masonry fillers or all purpose joint compound to limit the amount of trowel on being used to patch these blemishes. Once the surface is cleaned and ready for application open the container and mix the contents to create a smoother paste. Place a generous amount of product on the trowel and apply directly to walls creating the pattern or design of choice. Once the application is finished seal the container carefully if there is any product left. Allow the area to dry thoroughly which will take no longer than a few hours.

Sample Trowel-On Grades and Colours

Trowel on is an extremely versatile product that enhances both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Although deeper shades are more vulnerable to colour fade our enhanced formulations are blended to ensure that rich colours are reinforced to last longer. Below is a sample of trowel on colours and grades.

trowel-on samples

Trowel-on Calculator

Try our trowel-on calculator to find out the number of gallons you will need for your next project. Enter the total number of square feet for the area being covered. *Calculator currently only works with measurements in square feet.

Tips and Tricks

Be sure to measure the surface area of the walls being coated. A 5 gallon bucket of trowel on will cover approximately 120 SQ FT. If you are not certain how heavily the trowel-on will be applied take this into consideration and adjust the amount required to avoid any shortfalls.

Keep the product in the original air tight container before use and ensure to store it in a cool dry area to maintain the product's integrity.

Application Video